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The Secret of Mo

Secret of Mo

Secret of Mo
The Secret of Mo. The only storyline so complicated it needed a page to explain itself. To help you make heads and tails of it all, this is the list of comics with the story as it unfolds. The thumbnails on the left are links to the comics. For (much shorter) synopses on the other storylines, visit The Story so Far.

Mo boasted to Ivy that his room was haunted. One night, awoken by a leak in his roof, he meets his ghost.
It is the ghost of a girl who occupied the room before him. Her mood has not improved with death
She doesn't want to tell Mo much, and suggests he find out for himself. There is something under the floor.
Mo has a look, but decides to do something about the leak first. He is afraid of what he might find under the floor.

The next day, Mo tells his new friend Ivy about his encounter with the ghost. Ivy thinks he's insane.
To prove he hasn't lost it completely, Mo climbs down the hole with a flashlight.
He is transported into a chaotic dreamworld, filled with shades from the ghost's memories.
It turns out her name is Jenny, and she wasn't popular.

In the meantime, Ivy feels bad about what he said to Mo, and sends him a text message to apologise.
Jenny's story unfolds slowly, one of her fellow students bet with his friends that he would have her.
In spite of being in a parallel universe, Mo receives Ivy's message. He has become a confused player in the tragedy of Jenny's last few days. Her suitor is relentless, but she is in love with someone else, a mystery person she cannot be with in this life.
Mo is suddenly alone.

Ivy has arrived at Mo's halls and is let in by a security man.

Mo now finds himself in the company of the mystery man from his nightmares and his fox.

The being claims that he is Mo, or that, actually, Mo is him, always has been him and has always known who he is.
Mo is frightened and will not accept the frightening suggestion that he is related to this creature.

Ivy finds the door of his room unlocked, but is attacked by Mo's pet monster.
Mo hears Ivy scream, and is suddenly transported back by a click of the fingers of the looming figure.
Back in his room Mo finally learns how Jenny died. She claims she did it for love of him, but Mo is not willing to accept this. Ivy has been struggling with the monster under the bed, and finally manages to draw Mo's attention.
Mo yells at the monster, who releases Ivy, who is so shaken he temporarily loses his cool.
After they both calm down, Mo and Ivy discuss the situation over a cup of tea.

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