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This is me. I'm not as good-looking in real life, but at least my head is smaller. I draw GothBoy and Amaranth, play Vampire the Angsting and work as a civil servant with the Planning Inspectorate. That leaves not much time at all, but hey, sleep is for wimps! Gah! >.<

Erm, below you can find some of the rants I wrote when GothBoy was still semi-active. I don't do rants anymore, but the Amaranth page has a journal. By the way, I also have other mad stuff online, if you're interested please visit


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Old Rants

3 Dec 2003

As you can see, I've revamped the site. This is in honor of the restart of about a month ago. I think things look cooler now, and anyway, it was time for a change.

The GothBoy Tee is finally here!
And it's only 13 Euro, 9 GB pounds, or 15 US dollars. In the meantime, I'm aiming for at least two new strips a week, while I try to get ahead of things.
10 Dec 2003

Well, that was a stressful little week. I found out the shirts are actually going to cost me more than I carefully calculated, and on top of that, the form turned out to have randomly eaten some of my orders. If you've ordered a T-shirt, and you haven't heard from me yet, I didn't get your order. So mail me to order again, and I'll send you the shirt asap. Yaarg! It's all working smoothly now though. Click on the shirt image below for all the info on the GothBoy T-shirts.

I'm working on the upcoming GothBoy CD-Rom (I'd like to make it a DVD, but don't have a writer). I'm still looking for music, but I can already tell you it will contain all GothBoy comics up to the point of release, some GB christmas cards and birthday cards, extra artwork, commentary, at least one desktop wallpaper and as many other extras as I can think of. Suggestions? Want to contribute GothBoy-related stuff, or is there something that would definately have to make it onto the disk? Let me know.

28 Dec 2003

I'm sorry there haven't been many comics lately, but I'm lonely and depressed and I've been working extra for the Christmas shopping nights. Spending December in an electronics shop really shows you the worst of people. Greedy for presents they will never need and rarely use, greedy for the fastest, the newest, the sleekest. A man came to the till yesterday asking for a program that could copy DVD's faster than the one he had. I told him it's illegal to copy DVD's, but obviously, he knew better. Why do people have to reduce the magic of cinema to a fast-food experience? How many people do you know that have 5 or more movies on their hard drives that they've never watched, while they keep downloading new stuff? What is it that makes it more important to people to have than to enjoy?

So anyway, I hope you all had nice presents for christmas. These past two comics are standalone, the storyline will continue in the new year. Happy new penguins everyone.
10 Jan 2004

Hello again, apart from problems on keenspace' end of things, the comic has been running mostly smoothly, and will hopefully continue to do so. I'll be off for a week, to visit friends and recuperate from too much stress. This is all good news. Less good is the news that I have to pay about a month's salary from my new job on last year's medical bills, this is spite of having spent about a quarter of my income on health insurance each month over last year. This would be bad enough, but having it dropped on you as a surprise after a stressful day at work is... a little more than I could comfortably take. So, that's the end to all my buying-new-toys plans. Right now, I couldn't even afford a GothBoy shirt if I'd have to buy it.
So, this week's comics are dedicated to anyone who's had an unexpected financial blow recently. Let's sing the blues together.

25 Jan 04

All work and no play make Willie a dull boy...
4 Feb 2004

So, keenspace had some trouble moving to a new server, and I didn't draw any new comics since I couldn't put them up anyway. We seem to be back now though.

Some part of me wishes I was friends with Roman Dirge. Just so we'd, you know, hang out together and talk about weird stuff. And maybe he'd call me and say, hey, I have a page to fill for the next Lenore issue. Draw something. And I would.

I dunno. Kind of childish really. Anyway, Roman, you rule! You the man, man.

12 Feb 2004

Things could be worse. I actually got a day off from work. Yay! I've used this unexpected spare time to make some changes to the site. A new chapter started some comics ago, but it's ok if you didn't notice, I didn't either.

I got a digital camera from my birthday, and now I run around making pictures of everything all day long. It's amazing how much fun it is. And how interesting perfectly normal things seem to be when seen on the little lcd screen on the back of a camera. I take pictures of books, shoes, people, cats, trees... everything really. Woot! It's strange how people have started to avoid me though...
18 Feb 04

Computers are wonderful things, but if they don't work, you're well stuffed. I have a virus. At least, that's what my friend Norton tells me. He says it's called blaster.E, and that I should download a fix for it. So I did, and he ran it on my computer, and then he said: you don't have this virus. Goodbye. And it's a lie, I tell you. It's still there. I can hear it shuffeling about in there. I can feel it's little legs scratching over the motherboard. *maniacal laughter*
02 Mar 04

Yesterday I thought I had special super powers that allowed me to detect and manipulate electric currents and discharges. This is probably untrue, an illusion brought on by the fact that I was asleep, but still, something in me wants to try. It's like, you dream you remember how to fly, and when you wake up, some irrational little part of your brain can't let it go. It keeps trying to remember...

I'm going to stop being so busy all the time, by the way. I'm tired of it.
26 Mar 04

I'm not even going to pretend the last comic's on time. Sorry all. I got abducted by aliens, and they kept me from drawing cause they said creativity might spoil my brain.

Well, that didn't really happen, but on my way from work, I noticed a strange shape by the side of the road, and it was a magical owl that showed me the way to the underworld, which is kinda like this world, except green swirlies fill the sky and everything has eyes and looks at you. I drew this comic when he finally showed me the way back.

OK, so that didn't exactly happen either. I don't know. I guess I just got distracted doing other things. If you want to see the results, please visit
Willie's Rant: 04 Apr 04

Whoa, monkeys, what happened? Was I asleep?

Yes, dear fans, I know it's been an awful long time since the last GothBoy. What doesn't help is that my internet connection is now officially dead. I had to ride a bus for an hour to get this online. Oh well. In the meantime, I've been reading, watching TV and come to the conclusion that the world SUCKS! I've stopped reading the newspaper because I just don't want to know anymore. Everyone is yelling, but who is listening...?

Anyway, as part of my plan to singlehandedly change the acne-ridden face of the planet, I've decided that GothBoy will be an official sponser of TV-turnoff week. Or maybe TV-turnoff week is sponsering GothBoy. I dunno. Since they are both completely free, non-profit, unorganised phenomena, it doesn't really make any difference. But I've made some miniature posters and I'm going to spread them all over town. And some other towns too. If you want to join in, go ahead! You can download the file of miniposters here: miniposters.jpg. It's a large file so you can get a good quality printout. Or make your own posters, or go to adbuster for more ideas on how to spread the word.

And turn off your TV! You don't have to wait till TV turnoff week, you can start now! Say NO to the drivel! Say NO to mindless sitcoms! Say NO to the poison that's infecting your brain! Say NO and... and then go shopping or something...
Willie's Rant: 08 April 04

I feel like some kind of anarchistic, subversive revolutionary. Not only am I uploading these comics clandestinely during work hours (my home internet connection died), I am putting up tiny little posters about TV-turnoff week where-ever I go. In supermarkets, the public library, university buildings...

I've never done anything so lawless in my entire life! I get nervous when my computer tells me I've done an illegal operation! What if they catch me!?
Willie's Rant: 22 April 04

Ooof, I have been neglecting my little boy haven't I? I dunno, just haven't been feeling good of late. Head full of stuff, but nothing good coming out of my hands... and it's already hot, and it's only May...

We've decided to cancel summer. It's just not worth the trouble, you know? Who wants to go out in weather like that? And it's bad for your skin, too. So yes, summer's been cancelled, here is autumn.

On another note, one meets the most interesting idiots when one works in shops. I met a perfectly nice, educated man who simply could not understand why a PS2 memory card does not count as software. I tried to explain him in different ways, but he simply would not hear it. What they told him was that everything that is not inside the machine case is software. That this makes controllers, mice and arguably printers software did not seem to bother him. I don't know. How can such ignorance be allowed to exist, really?
Willie's Rant: 23 May 04

Something went wrong there, we skipped a comic. They should all be up now. Still not very happy, but what do you want? It's called GothBoy dammit, goths aren't known for their sunny disposition! And neither am I, these days. Good thing I have a holiday planned in about three weeks. Work is starting to annoy me. Especially the customers. Working in a shop wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to deal with customers. I think we should just ban them from the shop, it would save a lot of work. And no more ice-cream on the carpet, either...
Willie's Rant: 2 Jun 04

You know how sometimes you just get obsessed with something and you don't really want to think of anything else or do anything else? You just catch it, like a virus, and you don't want to let go. I think I'm mixing my metaphores a little there, but anyway. I've become slightly obesses over Legacy of Kain. It's a series of games, in case you never heard of it. So I'm kind of doing a Jim lately, playing for hours on end on someone else's Playstation. I played through the series (except Blood Omen 2) and now I'm back at the beginning. Well, almost the beginning. Raziel is the best. I worship Raziel. He's blue. I wish I was blue. Razzy, come on baby, I've got a soul ready for the reaving!

Er... anyway. Comics still irregular. Apologies. Back to game now.
Willie's Rant: 8 Jun 04

I have managed to channel my Legacy of Raziel obsession in a less harmful and more controllable form. I have started a fanpage, and am once more zen with the world. Drinking tea has also helped. I'm going to be away for two weeks soon, so I'm working hard to get the comics drawn for then. It is very hot here, and summer has only just started. Living on the top floor of a flat-roofed house is not all that good. Dave has fled our little appartment, and locked himself in the basement. I bravely hang on, but for how long...?
Willie's Rant: 5 Jul 04

Whoa, big gap. Terribly sorry, have been away on holiday. Did not expect the gap to be quite so big, but you wouldn't believe how busy I've been. I have to scedule time to sleep or I'll forget. Seriously. Well, not really.
Willie's Rant: 23 Jul 04

As you can see, we have once again left the realm of normality. I've been thinking about changing the format for the GothBoy comics, to allow for more plot-development and variation. I think I'll go for it, I've never been particularly good at the three-panal gag thing, I fear. The only downside is that the comics will probably start appearing even less regularly than they already are. I will try though.

I'm working a lot lately, and not doing much besides except surfing the web a bit and failing to write. I got told off by my mum today as well, over the dishes, if you'll believe. *rolls eyes* I really need to move out. 'fraid I'll have to hang in for another month though. Wish me luck.
Willie's Rant: 23 Aug 04

You must have realised by now that GothBoy is on a little hiatus. I'm trying to work out where to take the comic, I want to do more with it but I'm not sure how. It will definately be back, but I don't know in what form or how long it might take. I'm sorry to leave you hanging like this, but I'm afraid I can't really do anything about it. I don't know where to take the story, or even what kind of comic I want GothBoy to be. I'm so blocked. >.<

Thanks to all my fans, hope I can offer you more soon.

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